Manual investment holdings

Investment accounts are made up of holdings. A holding is how much of a particular stock or security you own along with the current price and what you paid for it. When you connect an account to Monarch it will automatically pull in any holdings your investment company provides.

But sometimes the data is not always accurate or you may use a company that doesn't connect to Monarch yet. For whatever the reason, it can be handy to specify your holdings manually which this article helps explain how to do.

Add a manual investment account

Push the "add account" button on the top right of the accounts page to select what type of account you'd like to add and select "add a manual account" at the very bottom:


From the manual account types select "investments":


From this screen you can choose to track the account by holdings or balances:


  • Track holdings manually will let you search for any security and enter a quantity to have the account balance tracked automatically as the price changes with the market. You will only need to edit things if you buy or sell a holding in the account, the balances will always reflect the latest market price of all your holdings.
  • Track balances manually if you wish to simply track the balance of the account by manually updating the balance without picking any holdings in the account. The balance will not change unless you manually change the balance. 

If you decide to track holdings manually you will next get a search box where you search for any of the 20,000 companies or tickers Monarch supports:


Select what you want to track and the quantity you own and it will be added to your account. You'll also see a prompt to add more so you can quickly add several manual holdings all at once. When all holdings are entered the balance of the account will be the sum of the value of all the holdings.

Add a manual holding to an existing account

You can add a manual holding to any investment account even if it already has holdings in it. Simply push the "add holding" button on any investment account details page:


Note that the balance of a connected investment account is not impacted by adding a manual holding. This is because the investment company provides account balances totally independent of what holdings are in the account. If you wish to change the balance of a connected account we recommend setting up a fully manual investment account with all manual holdings (see first part of this article up top).

Delete a holding

Holdings can be deleted from either a connected account or a manual one. To delete a holding:

  • Navigate to Accounts.
  • Find and select the account that holds the specific holding you would like to delete.
  • Expand the specific holding by clicking on the > .
  • Select ... and then select Delete. 


This can be handy if you connect an investment account to Monarch and the investment company provides incorrect data to Monarch. Many companies provide $0 holdings, unvested shares or other odd things that you may want to remove. Simply delete the holding so it doesn't appear in your investment section using this option.

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