Current Connection Statuses

Popular institutions

Week of May 22, 2023

Name Default data provider Success rate for new connections Success rate for daily syncs Notes
American Express Plaid 89% 64% Some accounts are having trouble connecting, getting updates, or staying connected.
Bank of America Plaid 82% 75%  
Capital One Finicity 80% 46%  
Charles Schwab Finicity 84% 88%  
Chase Plaid 80% 74% We are seeing an issue where multiple Chase credentials are clashing, causing one to be in an unhealthy state and causing persistent disconnects or duplicates. Learn more about how to merge your accounts together.
Citibank Finicity 81% 87% Citi may have some issues connecting accounts or updating transactions. Try a manual refresh of the account if you are already connected.
Discover Plaid 81% 87% Discover blocks connections between 8am-8pm eastern time.
Fidelity Finicity 76% 79% Fidelity blocks updates and new connections from 9-5pm eastern. MFA also blocks connections if turned on.
Robinhood Plaid 82% 53% Some users may have trouble adding new accounts. Cash balances may not display. Cryptocurrency holdings may cause incorrect balances.
Vanguard Plaid 76% 83% Vanguard blocks new connections and updates from 9-5pm eastern time.
Wells Fargo Finicity 88% 89% Sets a limit on nightly refreshes, preventing timely updates. A force refresh should work. Also may show an inverted balance, our data provider working on a fix.



To see the current statuses of all institutions, login to your Monarch account and search for the institution name in the "Add account" flow. You will see information about known issues and all available connection options in one place.


Recent updates

Date last updated: June 1, 2023

Name Default data provider Date Update
Bilt Rewards   May 7, 2023 Connection broke and no working alternate
CitiBusiness   May 31, 2023 No longer supported
Optum Bank - Health Savings Account Plaid May 26, 2023 Integration recently rebuilt and connecting!
Paychex Flex   June 1, 2023 Connection broke and no working alternate
Slavic 401k   May 7, 2023 Connection broke and no working alternate
Synchrony Bank Plaid May 16, 2023 Connection now available
T. Rowe Price MX May 24, 2023 Connection broke and no working alternate
Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company - Client Access   June 1, 2023 Connection broke and no working alternate


Learn more about how to view your full financial life in one place with our Guide to Connecting Your Accounts.

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