Upload account balance history

You can upload your account balance history into an account in Monarch. This tool allows you to have a complete set of your data. You can upload years of data all at once!

The most common scenario when this tool is helpful is you're first setting up your Monarch account and you want to backfill history into an account. For instance, you connect Bank of America to Monarch, which only pulls in 3 months of history when you've had your account for 5 years.

To use the tool.

  1. On web, head to the Account details page for your account.
  2. Click on "Edit" in the top right.
  3. Select the option for "Upload balance history"
  4. Upload a csv file.
  5. You'll see a modal confirming the dates of the data that are being uploaded.
  6. Once you confirm, the account automatically updates with the data you just added.


CSV Format

The upload balance history tool uses the same format as the download balance history tool. 

The format must be 3 columns with a row for each date. Gaps in dates are not allowed. Even if your balance doesn't change, the date must be represented in the upload. The account name must match the account name in Monarch.


Date Amount Account Name
2023-01-28 500.00


2023-01-27 300.00


2023-01-26 300.00



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