Choose Your Data Provider

If you are experiencing issues with the connection to your financial institution and want to try a connection with a different data provider, or if you have a preference between Plaid and Finicity, you can attempt to connect with whichever provider you prefer!

To add your account using a specific data provider, follow these steps:

  • Using the web app, go to your Institutions page by visiting your Profile Settings > Institutions.
  • Click on "Add an account" and search for your financial institution's name by typing it in.
  • If an alternate data provider is available, you'll see a clickable icon to the right of the institution's name.
  • Click on that icon to view Monarch's best choice for connection, along with one or more backup data providers. 
  • Select the alternate data provider and proceed to add your account.

Check out this video to see these steps in action!

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