Cash Flow

The Cash Flow page is where you can visualize your overall spending habits. The information can be broken down by category, group, or merchant. You can also look at the data monthly, quarterly, or yearly. In addition, you can filter to look at only certain financial accounts or tags.

This page looks at your total income earned, total money spent, and the difference between those two numbers for the selected time frame. You can see the raw numbers and the saving rate percent in the summary card. 

The data will begin populating as soon as you import transactions or sync your first financial account into Monarch. You don't need to setup a budget to use the cash flow reports.

Using the Cash Flow page:

Bar Chart

A bar chart is a column visualization that shows your transaction data with broken up by category, group, or merchant.

Monarch - Cash Flow - Income (1).png

Monarch - Cash Flow - Expenses.png

Sankey Diagram

Sankey diagrams are a visualization technique that emphasizes the movement from one state to another. We offer a Sankey visual so you can see how your spending moves.

Monarch - Cash Flow Sankey - 2023-10.png

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