Mint Importing Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you import your data into Monarch and make sure it all comes over exactly as you have it in your import file. Intuit announced that they will be shutting down Mint, the popular personal finance app, in early 2024. 

Here are frequently asked questions we have received regarding Mint importing:

How do I export my data out of Mint?

You can use our Mint Data Exporter Chrome Extension. Read more about this beta extension here

You can also export your transactions from Mint into a CSV format which you can import into Monarch in comma-separated value (CSV) format. This can be helpful if you are considering Monarch as a Mint alternative and need to move your data over. 

How do I make sure my .CSV is ready to be imported?

If you are importing directly from a Mint CSV file everything will be mapped to the appropriate fields in Monarch without needing to open or edit the file. If you are using your own CSV by combining multiple data sources before importing the required format are these 9 columns in this order (CSV field = Monarch field):

  1. Date = Date
  2. Description = Merchant
  3. Original Description = Original Statement
  4. Amount = Amount
  5. Transaction Type = ignored since amounts are used instead to determine credit/debit
  6. Category = Category
  7. Account Name = Used to map the multiple accounts
  8. Labels = Tags
  9. Notes = Notes

How do I import my data into Monarch?

To import your Mint data into Monarch, use the multi-account importer. It can be found in the "add account" screen: 


Can I import my balance history?

You can import all your Mint account balance history at once. If you use our Mint import flow you'll see an option for account balances. You can use our Chrome extension to get the files out of mint.

Can I filter and search for Mint Transactions?

You can on web! If you have synced transactions duplicating your imported Mint transactions. Now, you can filter and bulk delete the synced ones.

Check under "More options" on your transactions page and see below:

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 3.03.29 PM.png

Why am I getting an error when uploading my .CSV?

Because one error can unfortunately cause an entire upload to fail, it will help to break up your CSV file into multiple smaller ones. Learn more here.

Can I have gaps in my balance history .CSV?

You can have gaps in the dates within the .CSV file. Monarch will fill in the gaps with the previous days balance.

What do I do when I can't connect to my bank?

If you are experiencing issues with the connection to your financial institution and want to try a connection with a different data provider, or if you have a preference between Plaid and Finicity, you can attempt to connect with whichever provider you prefer! Read how to do this here

Otherwise, this might be something you would want to track with a manual account. Manual accounts let you track everything manually so they have a lot of flexibility. Learn how to set up a manual account here.

What if my bank institution is not available?

You can request that we support an institution at the bottom of the account search box which is shown when you searched for the institution. We then submit these requests to our data providers. 

I have reviewed all of these questions but I am still seeing an error when attempting to import my Mint .CSV. What next?

We recommend that you contact customer support from within your logged in Monarch account and keep the toggle on to allow our Support team access to your account. This will help us troubleshoot further. In addition, you can upload the Mint file as an attachment to the support ticket. This is the best way for us to further understand what might be happening and why you're not seeing everything show up in Monarch.

Can I import split transactions?

Our importing process, including the Chrome extension, will not automatically catch and label split transactions as splits. If you have split transactions in another budgeting app and want to have them appear as splits in Monarch, you will have to adjust this manually by creating a transaction of the original amount and then splitting it in Monarch.

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