Budgeting for Couples

Monarch helps couples work together on their finances. Everyone in the household account has the same access and visibility to all the data. The household will share one dashboard. Each person has their own login information and notification settings.

When you invite someone to your household in Monarch, your partner will get their own separate login and be able to view your data, and have the ability to add their own accounts and transactions to the shared household space. Each household has 1 budget.

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How do I invite my partner to my household account?

You can invite users from the Household Members Settings page. You'll each get your own login, but have the same level of visibility and access to manage accounts, transactions, and budgets. Read more on how to invite your partner here

Do we both have to pay for Monarch?

No, your household will only pay for one subscription that you all have access to. If you do sign up and see that you are not in the same household, it is likely that you didn't complete the sign-up through the invite link. It is recommended to delete your new account and try signing up again through your partner's invitation link.

Can I hide an account from my partner?

You cannot hide bank accounts in Monarch. Once you invite your partner, parent, child, or whoever to your household, they will have viewership of all connected bank accounts. 

Suggestions on how I can budget with a partner in Monarch?

There are many ways you can break down your budget together. We recommend that you and your partner can use custom tags and custom categories to review transactions and view cash flow per person. You can also work towards your shared financial goals together by assigning your accounts to goals.

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