Monarch Money Available in Canada

We're excited to announce that we're testing Monarch Money in Canada. Here are things to know as you decide if Monarch is right for you:

When will I be able to download the app in Canada?

While you can access Monarch in your browser, we aren't yet listed on the App Store or Play Store in Canada. We plan to be very soon from the date of this published Help Center article.

How will I be charged?

We only support billing via credit card and in USD. We hope to add CAD billing in the future, but initially when starting your trial, you will select a plan (and be billed) in USD.

What banks do you support?

We continue to improve our bank connectivity coverage in Canada. As you first log in to Monarch, you will be able to search for your banks to see if they are supported. Otherwise, we recommend you request the institution via the app and add the account manually in the meantime. 

Do you support multiple currencies?

Monarch cannot convert currencies and displays the total sent by your bank to our data provider. If you link accounts with different currencies (for instance, USD and CAD), they will all be summed up together. 

Please Note: While we anticipate improvements on the billing, app availability, and bank connectivity issues in the next couple of months, we're not sure of the progress we can make on the multi-currency issue in the near future, so if this a major part of your use-case, we'd recommend holding off on starting a trial for now.

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