Syncing with Apple Card, Cash, and Savings

You can connect your Apple Card just like every other account in Monarch so that you no longer need to wait for your monthly statements to see the most recent account data.

Please note: You can only connect your Apple Card, Cash, and Savings with our mobile app on an iPhone. 

In order to gain access, please make sure to:

  • Update your iPhone to iOS version 17.4
  • Download the latest version of Monarch (version 1.0.190 or higher)
  • Enable "Background App Refresh" in your iPhone Settings for the Monarch app. This is required to allow continuous syncing with your Apple Card account in the Monarch iOS and web apps.

Once you've followed these steps, open the Monarch app on your iPhone and tap the "+ Add account" icon in the top right of the "Accounts" tab to add a new account for your Apple Card. 

Then search for "Apple Card."


After selecting Apple Card, you will be shown a prompt to allow access for Monarch, select your accounts, and sync!

You will then be asked to choose the time span of data you wish to import, and then the account will sync.


How to enable Background App Refresh in iPhone Settings

This is a necessary step that allows Monarch to continuously sync with your Apple Card account. It will ensure that your Apple Card transactions stay synced in the Monarch web app as well!

  1. Open the iOS Settings app
  2. Go to General > Background App Refresh
  3. Scroll down the list of apps to Monarch, and use the toggle to enable Background App Refresh


For those with existing Apple Card accounts in Monarch

We recommend you sync your Apple Card again as a new account, and remove or hide the old accounts. You can also merge your history from your old Apple Card account to the new one using our merge account flows on desktop, which lets you choose whether you want to move over your old transactions and/or balances.

Total Balance

Please note that Apple has decided to only provide us with an account's "Total Balance," which has the following properties:

  • Total Balance doesn't include pending transactions (whereas Card Balance does)

  • Total Balance includes any Installment Balance (for users that have Apple Card Monthly Installments)

You can view your Total Balance by tapping on the card balance in your wallet app.

For troubleshooting your accounts, go here!

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