Troubleshooting Apple Card Accounts

If you are having issues adding your Apple Card, first update your iPhone to iOS version 17.4 or newer, download the latest version of Monarch (version 1.0.190 or higher), and enable "Background App Refresh" in your iPhone Settings for the Monarch app. These settings are required to connect your Apple Card accounts in the Monarch iOS and web apps.

Apple Cards differ from other accounts in how they sync information. Understand how your balances and transactions are synced to Monarch and how to update account syncing if necessary.

Adding a new Apple Card account performs two syncs:

  • The first sync creates your accounts in Monarch and imports four or fewer transactions. This is what happens before you see the success checkmark. 
  • The second is a historical sync for all the available transaction data. This is the only time a historical sync is triggered; future syncs will only gather transaction data from around the last two weeks.

Since Monarch only performs a historical sync once at creation, you must re-add your accounts if you want to modify your synced accounts, add transactions, or fix other issues. This will not create duplicate transactions.

To re-add your account:

  • Check your system settings in Apple by navigating to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Wallet > Monarch. Ensure you are sharing the correct accounts and preferences with Monarch.
  • Walk through our Add Account flow to re-add your account for the new settings to take effect.

IMG_6239 (1).PNG

If this doesn’t solve your issue, recheck your settings as above and then:

  • Delete all Apple accounts from Monarch Money.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Monarch Money app. 
  • Start over and add your Apple card account or accounts.
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