June 2024 Referral Offer

Offer Details

It means so much when you share Monarch! Between June 6, 2024 and July 10, 2024 we’re sweetening the deal for both you and your friends.

Here are the details:

- You’ll get $33 in credit for every friend you refer to Monarch, once they become an annual subscriber. That’s a year free for every 3 friends.

- The people you invite get an extended 30-day trial, plus 50% off their first year.


Please note to receive the enhanced offer:

- those you refer will need to use your personalized referral link to sign up for a new Monarch account (you can find this by navigating to the referral center on web or in-app and clicking the “Share Monarch” button)

- those you refer will need to signup for their free trial by July 10, 2024. Your credit will be applied once your referred friend becomes a subscriber, after their 30-day trial.

- the referred friend will only be eligible for the 50% discount when signing up via web for an annual subscription through your personalized referral link (discount cannot be applied to signups from the app store)

- the referred friend must sign up for the annual subscription. For any monthly subscriptions, you will receive a month free ($14.99 in credit)


FAQ for Referrees


I’m a new user - how do I use this offer?

Click on your friend's unique referral link and open it in a web browser. Sign up for a new Monarch account and select the annual plan. You will see the offer applied at checkout. Once you become a paying subscriber your friend will receive the referral credit.


What if I have already signed up on mobile?

This promotion is only available for signups on web. It is not valid in the mobile app.


What if I signed up and I’m in the middle of my trial?

If you signed up on the web and are currently in a trial, then please contact CS and our team can retroactively apply the referral code to your account so that the offer is applied for both you and the friend that referred you. Our CS team cannot apply the referral code if you signed up through the mobile app.


What if I have already done a trial before but do not have a current subscription?

This promotion is not valid for current subscribers or lapsed trials.


What if I am a current subscriber?

This promotion is not valid for current subscribers or lapsed trials. As a current subscriber you can share your own unique referral link to earn credit toward your next bill.


What if I have multiple promo codes?

Promo codes cannot be stacked together and a promo code cannot be combined with a referral code. Meaning you can only use one promo code for your subscription. and you can either use as referral code OR a promo code. For instance, if you have a promo code for an extended 30 day trial and also a promo code for an extended 30 day trial plus a 50% discount, then you can use one or the other. They cannot be combined for a 60 day trial plus 50% discount.


When will I be charged, and for how much?

Monarch subscriptions are billed automatically after the free trial ends. You can cancel the subscription during the free trial so that you are not automatically billed. This can be done from the Billing Settings page, click on "Manage Subscription". You'll keep the entire free trial period. Check out the Pricing page for more information about subscription costs: https://www.monarchmoney.com/pricing.


What happens after the offer ends?

Unique referral links will continue to work. Learn more about Referral rewards.

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