Are there banks with known connection and sync issues with Monarch?

Monarch connects to thousands of financial institutions. We will always display the real-time connection status of each financial institution on your Accounts page.

Note that Apple Card, Wells Fargo, and Capital One are synced differently than other institutions.

If you see an error that is not listed here it may be helpful to come back the next day later and try again. You can also add a Manual Account to track your balance until the connection is repaired.

Please reach out with any problems, we can likely help get you connected!

(Last updated October 19, 2021)

  • Ally - Ally investments are not appearing in Investments.
  • American Express - Some accounts are prevented from connecting and transaction updates sometimes fail.
  • Barclaycard- Transactions can duplicate when the Item is created (during the initial and historical update). Our data partner is working on this.
  • BMW Financial Services - Currently down.
  • Charles Schwab - Noticed a bug with Investments feature: may not correctly display holdings.
  • Citibank - Transaction updates are stopped. May preventing users from connecting.
  • Discover - To maintain system stability, Discover currently only allows Transaction updates daily between 8am-8pm ET.
  • Fidelity - Regular updates will fail during East Coast business hours. Please force refresh your account from 5 PM - 9 AM ET to get the latest balance information.
  • Gemini - Some accounts are showing steeply inflated balances.
  • Interactive Brokers - In order to connect you may need to do the following:
    1. Login to 'Account Management' at
    2. Open menu in top left, go to Settings > Account Settings 
    3. On the right side, under 'Reporting' configure 'Third-party Services' by enabling 'Mint' 
    4. Enter your IB username and password below and begin a sync 
    5. Enter the 'TOKEN' and 'QUERY ID' as they appear after activation on IB as answers to the questions that are presented to you during the sync. 
    Learn more:
  • M1 Finance - Currently experiencing a one-time use password that is preventing connections.
  • One - Some users may see transactions updates fail. Try refreshing or contacting us!
  • PNC - We are experiencing issues connecting to this institution for updating transactions.
  • SoFi - Issue with integration is causing some transaction updates to fail.
  • Target REDCard - We are experiencing issues receiving transactions from this institution.
  • TD Ameritrade - Requires an MFA type that we do not currently support.
  • TIAA - At this time, the institution is down.
  • T. Rowe Price - A connectivity error may cause new account adds to fail.
  • Vanguard - Current failure rate is high and updates are only available from 5 PM - 9 AM ET. Please refresh or add accounts then.
  • Venmo - Currently down.
  • Wealthfront - Users may need to use app-specific passwords in order to connect their Wealthfront account through Plaid (after enabling 2FA, there is an option to generate an app-specific password for third-party apps like Monarch).


If your financial institution is not listed here and you are experiencing issues, please contact us through the app.

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