What are Monarch's Known Connection Issues?

Does Monarch work with my financial institution?

Monarch connects to thousands of financial institutions. We will always display the real time connection status of each financial institution on your Accounts page.

Most "Occasional Issues" can resolve themselves within a day. If you see an error it may be helpful to come back the next day later and try again. You can also add an account as a Manual Account to track your balance until the connection is repaired.


Here is a list of connection issues we're currently aware of and working on long term solutions. (last updated January 14, 2021)

Not Currently Supported

  • Apple Card.
  • Capital One (Coming soon!).

Experiencing Occasional Errors

  • American Express - transactions updates are currently stopped.
  • Charles Schwab - Support for Schwab is experiencing failures but expected to be restored in the coming weeks.
  • Fidelity - Accounts sometimes unavailable between 9-10:30am and 3-4:30pm ET. Users may successfully force refresh their accounts outside of these hours.
  • Robinhood - Currently down.
  • Vanguard - Best availability between 5pm - 9am ET, other times may experience errors. Users may successfully force refresh their accounts outside of these hours.
  • Wells Fargo - Some connection errors for accounts with Multi-factor authentication (authentication requiring the user to provide two or more verification factors prior during login) .


If you're having consistent trouble connecting an account in Monarch, please check this list first. If your financial institution is not listed here, please email us at support@monarchmoney.com

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