How do "Rules" work?

Transaction Rules are "If, Then" statements that apply to your past and future transactions and allow you to customize how your transaction categories are organized.

You can target transactions that match your specified criteria for Merchant Name, Amount, Category, and Account with the following parameters: Contains, Matches Exactly, Greater Than, Less Than, or Between. The system is then able to update the Merchant Name or Transaction Category according to your rule.


We are shown how to add a transaction rule by using the Merchant Name and Expense amount to apply the label Entertainment & Recreation to all matching instances

You can add, edit and delete your Transaction Rules from the Rule Settings page.

Mobile App:

Creating a new rule when you update a transaction:


Finding your transaction rules page on mobile:

When creating a rule you can preview how many transactions will be affected by this rule and apply the rule to existing transactions before you apply the new rule.

Rules are applied in the order that they are listed. You may re-order them by dragging and dropping them. They may be edited and deleted. See a list of your existing transaction rules here.

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