Troubleshooting account connections

You can see view the connection status to any account you have connected to Monarch directly in the account details:


Healthy means the connection is working and is receiving updates in real-time

Issues reported will show if your connection received an error when it last got an update. It will also show issues reported if others are having issues even if your connection is health.

Offline will show if the connection received an error the last time it try to update. Monarch will keep retrying the connection automatically every few hours until it's back up.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Look at the Known Connection Issues to see if there is a current problem with the institution you are having issues with.
  2. Verify you have the right institution. Sometimes financial companies will have different websites for different types of accounts (bank accounts vs investment accounts). Copy and paste the link in the "Summary" card for the institution to verify you have the right one and the username and password works when logging in directly to it.
  3. Check your security settings. Some institutions will have a settings or preference to disable access to all 3rd party apps (like Monarch). If you have configured multi-factor authentication the settings for enabling access to other apps is usually in the same part of the institutions website as that.

If you still have problems connecting, use the help link inside of Monarch to send us a link to the institution you are having problems with and an explanation of what's not working.

Please do not include your user name and password in your help request.

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