Can I make my own transactions categories for my budget?

You can create custom Categories and Groups so that you may organize your transactions however you want. Custom categories may be deleted, unlike default categories.  

On web, click the arrow in the bottom left next to your name and select "Categories."

From here, select "Create group" next to Income, Expenses, or Transfers. The header you select will create a Group of that type (income, expense, or transfer).

At the bottom of each Group you can also select "Create Category" to make one.  

See the gif below for an idea of how it's done.


In-app, select "Menu" in the bottom right, then "Settings," "Categories," then "+." From there, you can choose to add a group or category for Income, Expenses, or Transfers. 


See any Categories you don't want? Disable them to turn them invisible (only custom categories may be deleted), and move them to another Group if you want to delete the Group they are in.


Get started editing and customizing your Categories and Groups by clicking your name in the lower left-hand corner, then selecting "Categories."

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