Custom categories

Categories are how Monarch organizes similar transactions together. They are similar to folders or envelopes as a concept. Every transaction in Monarch can be assigned 1 category and a category can have a budget amount for each month to track against.

By default Monarch comes with a list of system categories that are most typically used. We recommend using default categories as much as possible instead of creating custom categories that are similar to the default ones. You can edit the names and emoji's to better suit your style.

But everyone typically needs at least a few custom categories.

To create new categories:

  • You can create a new custom category anywhere in Monarch at the bottom of any drop down menu that lists categories.
    • For example, navigating to your Transactions page and selecting a category:


  • You can also visit your Categories page by selecting Your Name > Categories or SettingsCategories in the mobile app to create custom categories:


  • Custom categories won't automatically have any transactions put in them so once you have a few you may wish to create Transaction Rules to find transactions for them.


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