Transaction Categories


The basics

We have a hierarchy of Groups and Categories to help you organize your transactions and easily track Income, Expenses and Transfers.


In addition to this default list, you can create your own custom Groups and Categories.


Deleting categories

You can delete transaction categories from the Manage Categories page on web. Remove categories that you don't want to track separately or aren't relevant to you. *Deleting categories is not yet available in the mobile app.

A category named Doctor Reimbursements is shown being deleted with a previous transaction being relabelled to Other Income as a result


Default Category List


We are shown a screen that is scrolling through the various Categories and their given icons, explained again below


💵 Paychecks
💸 Interest
💰Business Income


Gifts & Donations

🎗 Charity
🙏 Church
🎁 Gifts


Auto & Transport

🚗 Car Payment
🚃 Public Transportation
⛽️ Gas
🔧 Maintenance
🚗 Auto Insurance
🚙Ride sharing





🏠 Mortgage
🏠 Rent
🔨 Home Improvement
🏡 Homeowner Insurance
🏡 Renters Insurance
🌳Lawn & Garden


Bills & Utilities

🗑 Garbage
💧 Water
⚡️ Gas & Electric
🌐 TV & Internet




Food & Dining

🍽Restaurants & Bars
☕️Coffee Shops




Travel & Lifestyle

🏝Travel & Vacation
🎥Entertainment & Recreation
👑 Personal Care
🐶 Pet Care
😜 Fun Money





👕 Clothing
🪑 Furniture & Housewares
🖥Computer & Electronics





📚Kids Education
👶 Child Care
⚽️Kids Activities





🎓Student Loans
📚Books & Supplies




Health & Wellness

💊 Medical
💪 Gym
🏥 Health Insurance





📄 Life Insurance
💰Loan Repayment
🏦 Financial Fees

🏧Cash & ATM





❓ Uncategorized





🔁 Transfer

💳Credit Card Payment




📣Advertising & Promotion
📞Business Utilities & Communication
💵Employee Wages & Contract Labor
🍴Business Travel & Meals
🚖Business Auto Expenses
📁Business Insurance
🗄Legal & Professional
📎Office Supplies & Expenses
🏢Office Rent





🏦Federal Income Tax
🏦State Income Tax
🏦Property Tax



Tips and Tricks

1. Credit Card Payment VS Transfers

For credit cards that are connected to Monarch, categorize these payments as Transfers so the expenses aren't double counted.

The Credit Card Payment category works best when there is a card not connected to Monarch or when you want to track credit card debt you're paying off.


2. Create your own custom categories and groups


3. Move your categories between groups

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