📣 What's new in Monarch - November 2020


iOS mobile app now available to download from the app store

We've retired our old Testflight app and published our newest version of the iOS app in the app store. Download it now.

One dashboard for your entire financial life


Set Goals to see your progress every month

Let us do the math of how much you need to save to reach your goal. Contribute to your goals as your savings grow across your accounts. We'll adjust your plan as you go to help you stay on track. Learn more here.

In this example we are shown a graph for an Emergency Fund that stretches from October to January currently valued at a thousand dollars with a goal of five thousad dollars


Make a plan to see how your finances change over time

Forecast your income, expenses and savings forward in the same view as your past actuals. See how cash flow changes over time as you add in expected income, expenses and goal contributions. Learn more here.


Here is shown the app's Plan View Showing income and expense categories for a month in the past as well as this month and three in the future



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