Alerts can be sent either via email or to your mobile device as a push notification. You can configure your notifications at or in the mobile app under Settings -> Notifications.

Monarch has these 7 types of notifications:

  1. Account out of sync - will notify you when an account gets disconnected from Monarch. Many financial companies require you to re-enter your password every 90 days so this can be helpful to remind you when you need to reconnect.
  2. Apple Card import - when a monthly statement is posted for your Apple Card, usually around the 1st day of the month, Monarch will send you a reminder to import it.
  3. Plan exceeded - if any of your budget categories are exceeded
  4. Financial progress - get notified after a week worth of financial activity
  5. Expense alert - get notifications for any expenses over a certain amount
  6. Deposit alert - get notifications for any deposits over a certain amount
  7. Uncategorized transactions - get notified anytime there are new transactions to review


Notifications will appear in the "bell" icon:


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