📣 What's new in Monarch - January 2021


Here's what we added to Monarch in January.


Remember, we're building Monarch for you. You can always suggest or vote for features here. Please keep the suggestions coming!


Introducing the Monarch Android app!


Thanks for you for your patience Android users! We're happy to announce that the wait is over and you can now install the Monarch Android App from the Google Play Store. Our Android app has the same functionality as our iOS app. Download it now and let us know what you think!


Transaction rules come to mobile


Transaction Rules are "If, Then" statements that apply to your past and future transactions so that you can customize their categorization. They were previously only available in our web app, but now we've added them to our mobile apps as well. Learn more about transaction rules here!


Transaction Notes

You can now add Transaction Notes to help you remember the specifics of any transaction.


Pro tip: You can add hashtags to the transaction notes field and then later find all tagged transactions using the search functionality. Some common examples are #reimbursable, #business_expense, or #donation.


Thanks for being an early Monarch supporter. You can keep an eye on what's coming next and vote for your favorites here.

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