📣 What's new in Monarch - March 2021

Another month of Monarch improvements, thanks to your feedback!

Please keep suggesting and voting for features here. Keep the suggestions coming, we're building Monarch for you!


Add manual transactions


Add any transaction to Monarch! This allows you to track valuables, bank accounts that won't sync, or simply to track cash-on-hand. Note, manual transactions are only available in manual accounts.


Customize your dashboard


Choose how you want to view your information in Monarch. You can rearrange the widgets on web and mobile and even hide them completely. Web and mobile dashboards can be customized independently, so you can set the viewing experience you need.



Manage categories on mobile


Now you can add/edit/delete your categories and groups directly from the mobile app the same way you do on web.



Split transactions on mobile


Organize your transactions in the moment by splitting them into multiple categories on the transaction's information tab.


Other Improvements

  1. Added Account Disconnected notifications to the Notification Center.
  2. Added an icon to the mobile transaction list for transactions with notes
  3. Planned goal contributions on mobile now support cents
  4. Fixed a bug where tapping on a planned amount in the mobile app didn't select the entire amount ie your cursor might end up between the 1 and the 2 if the amount was 12.
  5. Fixed a bug where attachments on pending transactions were being incorrectly removed
  6. Fixed a bug where the cash flow page on mobile was incorrect if you had future transactions
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