Manual accounts

If Monarch doesn't connect to your financial account or if you have an asset like a car, jewelry or just cold hard cash that doesn't have an online connection you might want to create a manual account to keep track of it. Manual accounts work well when you don't have many (or any) transactions and the balance of the account doesn't change very often.

Manual accounts track everything... manually. Which means you will have to enter each transaction and change the balance or value of the account all by hand. You can change the balance for a manual account under "edit account" for each manual account:


Changing the balance will create a manual transaction with the category of ⚖️ Balance Adjustments. This is so you can see the history of the balance changes. Balance adjustment transactions are also added to the starting balance to arrive at the current balance. This is different than connected accounts where the balance and transactions are separate. For a manual account the balance is the starting balance with all the transactions added to it.

You can also Upload CSV files to a manual account which is a great way to quickly add a lot of transactions.


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