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You can add your Apple Card to Monarch which will help you import past monthly statements and remind you to import future monthly statements when they become available. Apple typically makes monthly statements available on the 1st day of a calendar month and will send an email or push notification letting you know they are ready that look like this:


Unfortunately Apple does not allow transactions to be imported from Apple Card throughout the month. Import to Monarch is only available after the month has passed and a full monthly statement is ready.

Adding Apple Card to Monarch

The first step is to open the Monarch app on your iPhone and tap the "+" icon in the top right of the "Accounts" tab to add a new account for your Apple Card. Apple does not allow importing from websites so this must be done from the Monarch mobile app.

Pro tip: If you are adding more than one Apple Card we recommend giving them unique names since the default name will be just "Apple Card" and it can be confusing to have two accounts with the same name when importing statements from two (or more) Apple Cards.

When tapping the "+" icon to add accounts start by selecting "Banks & credit cards": 


Then select "Apple Card" from the list of most common banks & credit cards:


The instructions will be displayed for how to import Apple Card statements:


Tapping the "Open Wallet" link will take you out of the Monarch app and open the Apple Wallet app to the place needed to import statements. Select the last month statement at the top of the list (December 2021 in this example):


Pro tip: If you navigate away from this part of the Wallet app there is a very similar screen that shows monthly statements but does not let you export them. This screen is not what you want to use for importing:


On the monthly statement screen tap "Export Transactions" at the bottom:


Select "Comma Separated Values (CSV)" from the sheet:


You are now viewing the CSV file. Tap the top right arrow to send it to Monarch:


The last step (finally!) is to select "Monarch" from the carousal of apps:


Monarch will import the statement and you are all finished! 🎉

This video shows the whole flow from Monarch -> Apple Wallet exporting a statement:



And this shows after you've exported the CSV how to import it to Monarch:


Pro tip: You may not have Monarch in the list of recent apps so the video above shows selecting "more" from the list of all apps to find Monarch.

Adding Past Monthly Statements

When you first add your Apple Card it imports the last monthly statement but you may wish to add your entire history. To do this, just tap the 3 dots in the top right of the Apple Card in Monarch:


Then select "Import Statement":


This will launch you into the correct spot in the Apple Wallet to select monthly statements. If you do this repeatedly for each past month you can get your entire Apple Card history imported!

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