How do I get financial advice?

Financial advice has always been a missing part of personal finance apps. Even with all your accounts and transactions connected in one place most apps still can only tell you what you've already done, not what you should do next. 

Monarch Money has created a new feature that is personalized and actionable but not biased like a lot of financial advisors who tie their advice to selling you more investment or insurance products.


Using Advice

Different advice categories such as save, spend, invest, paydown, protect, and wellness allow you to organize and accomplish your objectives with proactive advice that you can use to take action and enact the change that you need where you need it. 

To get started, click on "Advice" and answer the questions!


After answering the questions, your advice will be generated. These bits of advice will be divided up into Essentials (things everyone should do to be more financially secure), Priorities (objectives that are important to you), and Tasks (small assignments that you check off to help you accomplish your Essentials and Priorities).  Once you check off all your Tasks, the advice will move to "Completed" and drop off your main screen.Screen_Shot_2021-08-24_at_2.07.47_PM.png

Now each time you visit Advice, you will have visibility on your advice and Tasks! Check under "Your advice" for a list, or see advice grouped by category on the right-hand side.

Additionally, clicking the Essentials tab will show you active and completed advice, so check back in and celebrate your accomplishments from time to time!

Changing your advice

You are able to change your Essentials and Priorities by clicking "Update Profile" in the upper right and "Edit priorities" in the Priorities tab.

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