Hide transactions

You can exclude a transaction from your cash flow and budget calculations by selecting the "Hide transaction" toggle (you can toggle it back off when you like). The transaction will continue to appear in your full Transaction list, so you still have a record of it. You’ll see an “eye” icon to indicate the transaction is hidden. Once a transaction is hidden, you can unhide it at any time.


How to hide transactions

  1. One by one - When you’re looking at a specific transaction, use the “Hide” toggle to hide that single transaction.
  2. A few at a time - From the Transactions page, select “Edit multiple” and find the transactions you’d like to hide.
  3. Many - Create a new rule to automatically hide all transactions that meet certain criteria. You will have a chance to preview the changes and decide if you want the rule to apply to matching past transactions or only apply moving forward.


Why hide transactions?

You may want to hide all transactions from a certain bank account like a business account or have reimbursable expenses that you don't want to see. Another common example is hiding large or one-time transactions that throw off your Plan or Cash Flow reports.

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