Which cryptocurrency coins are supported?

When you connect your Coinbase account to Monarch it receives the current price and tracks any future price changes. Any coins supported by Coinbase will be tracked in real time going forward.

However, Coinbase doesn't provide historical prices so past prices are filled in using a public data set of common coin prices back to the date you first purchased.

If the historical price of a coin you have is not supported please reach out to support@monarchmoney.com and we'll see if we're able to add it. The current list of historical coin prices supported in Monarch are:

    "ETH": "Ethereum",
    "BTC": "Bitcoin",
    "BCH": "Bitcoin Cash",
    "ETC": "Ethereum Classic",
    "LTC": "Litecoin",
    "ZRX": "0x",
    "BAT": "Basic Attention Token",
    "USDC": "USD Coin",
    "ZEC": "Zcash",
    "MANA": "Decentraland",
    "DNT": "district0x",
    "CVC": "Civic",
    "MKR": "Maker",
    "DAI": "Dai",
    "OMG": "OMG Network",
    "KNC": "Kyber Network",
    "LINK": "Chainlink",
    "XRP": "XRP",
    "REP": "Augur",
    "XLM": "Stellar Lumens",
    "EOS": "EOS",
    "DOGE": "Dogecoin",
    "XTZ": "Tezos",
    "ALGO": "Algorand",
    "DASH": "Dash",
    "ATOM": "Cosmos",
    "OXT": "Orchid",
    "COMP": "Compound",
    "ENJ": "Enjin Coin",
    "REPV2": "REPv2",
    "BAND": "Band Protocol",
    "NMR": "Numeraire",
    "CGLD": "Celo",
    "LPT": "Livepeer",
    "LRC": "Loopring",
    "MLN": "Enzyme",
    "UMA": "UMA",
    "YFI": "yearn.finance",
    "UNI": "Uniswap",
    "BAL": "Balancer",
    "REN": "Ren",
    "WBTC": "Wrapped Bitcoin",
    "NU": "NuCypher",
    "YFII": "DFI.Money",
    "FIL": "Filecoin",
    "AAVE": "Aave",
    "BNT": "Bancor Network Token",
    "GRT": "The Graph",
    "SNX": "Synthetix Network Token",
    "STORJ": "Storj",
    "SUSHI": "SushiSwap",
    "MATIC": "Polygon",
    "SKL": "SKALE",
    "ADA": "Cardano",
    "ANKR": "Ankr",
    "CRV": "Curve DAO Token",
    "ICP": "Internet Computer",
    "NKN": "NKN",
    "OGN": "Origin Protocol",
    "1INCH": "1Inch",
    "USDT": "Tether",
    "FORTH": "Ampleforth Governance Token",
    "CTSI": "Cartesi",
    "TRB": "Tellor",
    "POLY": "Polymath",
    "MIR": "Mirror Protocol",
    "RLC": "iExec RLC",
    "SOL": "Solana",
    "DOT": "Polkadot",
    "GTC": "Gitcoin",
    "AMP": "Amp",
    "CHZ": "Chiliz",
    "KEEP": "Keep Network",
    "QNT": "Quant",
    "BOND": "BarnBridge",
    "RLY": "Rally",
    "CLV": "Clover",
    "FARM": "Harvest Finance",
    "MASK": "Mask Network",
    "FET": "Fetch.ai",
    "PAX": "Paxos Standard",
    "ACH": "Alchemy Pay",
    "PLA": "PlayDapp",
    "RAI": "Rai Reflex Index",
    "TRIBE": "Tribe",
    "ORN": "Orion Protocol",
    "IOTX": "IoTeX",
    "UST": "TerraUSD",
    "QUICK": "Quickswap",
    "AXS": "Axie Infinity",
    "REQ": "Request",
    "WLUNA": "Wrapped Luna",
    "TRU": "Truefi",
    "RAD": "Radicle",
    "DDX": "DerivaDAO",
    "RGT": "Rari Governance Token",
    "XYO": "XYO",
    "COTI": "COTI",
    "BTRST": "Braintrust Token",
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