Organize your transactions with tags

Tags are a simple way to organize your transactions apart from the more structured categories used when planning or tracking a budget. Transactions can have multiple tags, unlike categories which a transaction can only belong to 1 category at a time. Tags can even span different transaction types, such as income vs. expenses vs. transfers.

Creating or Managing Tags

You can manage your tags in the settings sections. There you can add or delete or change the name or color of any tags. There is also a quick link to view all transactions that a tag has been applied to. Monarch creates 5 default tags, but you can add, edit or delete any of them:

  • tax
  • reimburse
  • split
  • business
  • subscription


There are also default tags created using the first name of each member in your household:


Working with Tags

You can apply a tag to a transaction individually or via bulk edit:


Rules can also be setup to apply tags:


Filtering transactions can be done based on a tag (or several tags):


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