Move data over from Mint to Monarch

You can export your transactions from Mint into a CSV format which you can import into Monarch in comma-separated value (CSV) format. This can be helpful if you are considering Monarch as a Mint alternative and need to move your data over. 

Importing multiple accounts

If you have more than 1 account you would like to import or, in particular, if you are importing data from Mint we recommend using the multi-account importer. It can be found in the "add account" screen: 


If you are importing directly from a Mint CSV file everything will be mapped to the appropriate fields in Monarch without needing to open or edit the file. If you wish to make your own CSV by combining multiple data sources before importing the format needed are these 9 columns in this order (CSV field -> Monarch field):

  1. Date -> Date
  2. Description -> Merchant
  3. Original Description -> Original Statement
  4. Amount -> Amount
  5. Transaction Type -> ignored since amounts are used instead to determine credit/debit
  6. Category -> Category
  7. Account Name -> Used to map the multiple accounts
  8. Labels -> Tags (not yet supported)
  9. Notes -> Notes

All of the default Mint Categories are mapped to corresponding Monarch default Categories. But if you've created any custom Categories they will each be imported and shown with a generic white dot emoji:


Once the CSV file is processed you will be asked to map the accounts found in the CSV to a Monarch account. If you do not have your accounts setup in Monarch yet you may choose to add a new manual or sync'd account when importing or ignore an account from the CSV entirely:


When you import transactions into an account, only transactions before the first existing transaction in the account will be imported. For instance, if you have a credit card account in Monarch and the earliest transaction is Dec 1, 2021, then only transactions before Dec 1, 2021 will be imported from your CSV into that credit card account. Any transactions on Dec 1, 2021 or later will be ignored.

It is not possible to undo a CSV import or delete transactions. The only way to remove transactions is to delete the entire account or set a start date on your entire Monarch account. 

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