Add or delete transactions

See a duplicate transaction? Missing a charge? Want to enter a charge for a bill you know is coming? You can add and remove transactions to accounts that are synced in Monarch (not available for loan or investment products).

If you visit the account page of any account you can find an "Add Transaction" option. This is located across from "Transactions" on web and under the three dots at the top of the screen on mobile.

After you click on "Add Transaction," you can choose to enter a debit or credit then add the merchant, date, category, and notes. Click "Add Transaction" at the bottom and you are done!

When you select a transaction, you will see the delete transaction button: 

  • On web by selecting a specific transaction and scrolling to the bottom, beneath "Upload a File."


  • On mobile by selecting a transaction, and clicking the three buttons in the upper right to launch the edit screen.


Please note that unlike manual transactions in manual accounts, adding or removing your manual transactions will not affect your balance! Balance and transaction syncs are pulled in separately from our data partners and the balance will reflect the most recent report from your institution.

Also, if you add a future transaction that is later synced it will not automatically be replaced (but you can delete it). So it is best not to use this feature for known future expenses.

See a video overview of adding and removing transactions here:

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