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We work as quickly as we can to respond to your request. Our support team goes through questions in the order they are received. Here are the general steps we take when troubleshooting an issue for you:

Step 1: Refresh the connection

If your issue involves a problem with the connection to an account, the first step is to try and do a force refresh. Learn how to do this here.

Step 2: Ask for you to share more information

We need info about the issue to share with our data providers. Please make sure we have all the info we need, such as the institution's name and specific account name (in Monarch), and if a transaction is missing or duplicated, then the name, amount, and date of any transactions in question are needed.

Screenshots always help (please remove any personal info)!

Providing this information prevents a delay in us writing back to ask! If you did not share the necessary information, you can always reply to our confirmation email with the info, and your ticket will be updated.

Step 3: Initial investigation

The information is shared with our data provider and/or our in-house data support team. They confirm receipt and prioritize the issue accordingly.

Step 4: Deeper troubleshooting

Our data support team and/or our data provider work on the ticket according to their priorities and the scale of the issue. Ideally, issues are resolved within a few days, but when a large fix is needed (or our data partner needs to work directly with an institution to resolve an issue), sometimes the repair can take a few months.

Step 5: Solution and response

When we get a response requesting more info, announcing a repair ETA, or (even better) a fix, we will update you within one business day of receiving this info.

If a fix will take a while, we can likely offer you a connection with an alternate provider!

We will ask you to verify the fix, and if there are still issues, we will have the case immediately reopened.

Additionally, you can look for open issues and track their resolutions on the Known Connection Issues page, which is updated at least once a week.

Learn more in this video:

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