Chase link settings

The Chase website has many details on what is shared with Monarch and can be helpful if you are troubleshooting connection issues or just want to see from Chase's side what is connected. This article shows how to navigate the Chase website to view settings relevant to Monarch.

To view the linked apps and websites on Chase, login to and select Security & privacy from the side menu:


On this page is a card showing any linked apps and websites including Monarch:


Clicking on Monarch will show all the details on what data and accounts are shared with Monarch and when Monarch last sync'd with Chase:


You can click "stop sharing data" to disconnect Chase from Monarch or click "edit sharing" to control which accounts are shared with Monarch:


Note the "share substitute account numbers" can be either turned off or on - it doesn't impact Monarch. But we recommend you do not change the setting once connected since it can duplicate your account when a new account number is shown to Monarch.

Shared Joint Accounts

If you and your partner both have Chase logins connected to the same Monarch Household you may want to un-share accounts that you are both on. Monarch will try and detect duplicate accounts but controlling this when you initially connect or afterwards on the Chase website can be helpful to ensure duplicate accounts don't happen. It's also helpful so you know which user is sharing which account.

This example shows 1 user sharing 6 accounts (checking, savings, 2 credit cards and a mortgage). 2 accounts (mortgage and savings) are shared between both users so the other user isn't sharing them with Monarch:



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